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New PC, old filemaker files that I need to use

Question asked by JonFollowell on Jul 24, 2012
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New PC, old filemaker files that I need to use


Hello all,

I have inherited a few programs written with filemaker but I have no documentation on the program or discs and the most I know about filemaker is what it's name is.  My staff loves what the previous employee did with filemaker so here is my issue.

The program is using version  It was originally used on a XP SP 3 box and that PC got replaced with a win 7 box.  I copied over the application but of course it will not run. 

What do I need to do to make this program work on the new win 7 box?  Sorry if this is a pathetically easy fix I just don't have the time to dig at this right now and it needs to go away if you know what I mean?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.