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New portal on layout does not show fields.

Question asked by mike-leblanc on Oct 17, 2012
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New portal on layout does not show fields.


     I must be doing something fundamentally wrong.  I add a portal item to a layout, follow the steps and add fields to it via the dialog.  But when I exit layout mode, the portal shows nothing except row lines.  Back in layout mode, I add borders to the fields - but they don't show either.

     I have three tables: Invoices, Line Items, Products.  Line Items is related to Invoices by a common Invoice ID field; Line items is related to Products by a common Product ID field.  The portal is on a layout for Invoices and set to display related records from Line Items.  All three tables have one dummy record.

     No matter what I do, when I exit layout mode, nothing shows in the portal, not even field formatting.  What am I missing?