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New portal record drop down calendar enters wrong date

Question asked by JCrawford on Jan 5, 2011
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New portal record drop down calendar enters wrong date


I am using both Ver 10 (on Vista) and Ver 11 (on Windows XP), and this problem occurs in both versions. I'm stymied.

My layout (Clients) has a portal to a related table (Tests). The relationship allows the creation of new records in Tests (one client has many tests).

My small Test portal has two visible fields - the scheduled test date and the test type. I use this small portal to schedule future test dates for that client.

The date field has a drop down calendar. It has no other behavior or conditions or script triggers or auto-enter calcs. It is just a "drop down calendar." Because I've sorted by date, it is also indexed.

When I want to schedule a new test for a client, I click in the new, empty portal row into the date field, the calendar pops up. The calendar has the current date highlighted, but I always select a future date. I click on the desired future date, and see that date flash by quickly, but when I leave the field, the field populates instead with the current date, not the date I've selected.

This is only a problem in the record creation row. If I click back into that same field and choose my desired date, this time it works properly. Bottom line, in order to get my desired date, I have to enter the calendar twice. The first entry creates a new record. The second time in I can fix the date. 

I could fix this with a script (which includes a commit record before the date is selected). But I'm wondering if I have missed a setting, or if this is a bug.

Thanks for any help.