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    New record alert



      New record alert



      I think I may be asking the impossible here, but is there a way of telling when a user has made any amendments or entered a new record on IWP. Is there a way of setting up some kind of alert or report if this is the case. All new records have an auto entry date.

      Thank you in advance. 

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          You can set up a date or timestamp field that auto-enters the current date or timestamp when the record is created.

          You can set up a date or timestamp field that auto-enteres the curretn date or timestamp each time the record is modified.

          If you write and perform a script, the script can check for all records created and/or modified since the last time you ran the script.

          You can also set up your IWP interface so that there's a button to create a new record and a button to submit (save) the changes made. Each of these buttons can perform scripts that either send out an alert or flag the record as "new" or "modified" in addition to creating a new record or submitting changes back to the server.

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            I am having a similar issue.  Would anyone be so kind to inform me how to write the script in order to create alerts that say New when a new record is created throughout the database and modified when a record is modified?