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new record button on table a for table b

Question asked by househark on Jan 3, 2010
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new record button on table a for table b




FMP Pro 9


I have the following (simplified):


Table A (Order)

Field-Table A ID

Field-Table A Variable


Table B (Report)

Field-Table B ID

Field-Table B Variable

Field-Table A ID fk


These tables are related from Table A ID - Table A ID fk. Each order can have many reports.


I want to pull table A ID & Variable field on to table B. No problem just enter table A id in table A ID fk on table B.  However then user has to remember table A ID and enter it twice.


My question:


I want a button on table A that when pressed makes a new record on table B automatically inserting ID and Variable from record being browsed in table A.


I have seen solutions such as:

Set Variable

Go to record

Create New record

Set Field


It doesnt work.


Any suggestions?