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    New Record Causes Screen to flash...



      New Record Causes Screen to flash...


      I'm using Windows and FM Pro 10 Advanced.


      I have 2 databases:  Database A & Database B


      When I write a script in Database A to perform a script from Database B that Creates a new record, even though database B is minimized, and I'm viewing Database A, Database A flashes. 


      Is there a way to prevent database A from flashing when creating a new record in Database B? 

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          Have you put Freeze Window at the start of your script?


          That reduces/eliminates the flash in many cases.

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            I have tried it with the Freeze Window, but on my computer the Freeze Window actually causes the same problem so I had eliminated it at one point. I have since tried the Freeze Window again, but with the same results :(


            Getting very frustrated >:(

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              I had the same problem "compiling"(by script) a set of records (a payroll) when viewing a layout that contained a portal of the table actually being affected by the creation of new records and the calculations associated. I took the advice of a poster in this forum and made layout level adjustments e.g. making sure all fields were distinctly within (separated by at least a pixel) the portal boundaries. This worked fine. I had tried freezing the window but this had no effect. The whole "flashing" issue had no effect on the end result other than possible time lost in screen-redrawing but was disconcerting and annoying. I'm not sure this relates to your situation.



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                Thank you for your post.


                There has been an ongoing problem with flashing screen on Windows computers.  Some users have upgraded to the latest video driver and it has helped.  With others, it hasn't helped.


                Our Development and Software Quality Assurance (Testing) departments are aware of this issue, but there is no additional information available.



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