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New record from data in other table)

Question asked by Sharpie251 on Jun 8, 2010
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New record from data in other table)


Hi there,


I've been going nutts for days trying to figure this out and hoping that someone can help me out here.


I am trying to build a database that will help us track jobs (we supply roof trusses for home builders)

I have two tables Table 1 "Jobs" and table 2 "Site". I have a fields in "Jobs" listed as 'Site Name', 'Site Address' and 'Site City'. 

I have the same fields ('Site Name', 'Site Address' and 'Site City') in the "Sites" table. 


The idea is to have a new record in the "Site" Table when a new site is added in the "Jobs" Table. 


I have tried to made the 'Site Name' field as related and clicked on "Allow creation of records in this table via relationship" and nothing. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.