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New Record from portal

Question asked by MichaelVoccola on Mar 16, 2011
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New Record from portal


I am working on a database that allows a user to create a list of items from an inventory for jobs. It is setup much like an invoice solution, this portion of the database including three main tables: job, line items, and inventory.

I have a second table occurrence of "Inventory" labelled "Inventory 2"that allows a user to search the inventory (using a 'SEARCH' field in the 'job' table and filters in the 'Inventory 2' table with the appropriate relations). The results show up in a portal on the "job" layout.

On another portion of the "job" layout, is a portal displaying the related line items (based off the job#).

I would like a user to click a "+" button in the search portal, to create a new record in the "line items" table with the current job# and the item# from the related record in the portal row in which, the button was clicked.

I  currently have the relationships working in such a way that a user can create a new line item by clicking in the last row of the line items portal, but am greatly struggling with a script / relationship adjustment that will allow the user to create a new line item by clicking a "+" button (and triggering the appropriate script in response) to add that inventory item.

I could be completely overlooking something simple, but I am a fairly new one-man team and have been staring at this with no success; sort of feels like I'm looking everywhere for something that is in my hand.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!