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New Record Greyed Out

Question asked by cjschulz on Dec 7, 2009
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New Record Greyed Out


I am using Filemaker Pro 10.0v3    and just recently tried to open my database on my MacBook Pro running OS 10.6   (my desktop opens the file fine, running 10.5.8)


I had migrated all my files from my MacPro to my MacBook Pro (before needed a new hard drive on my desktop)   I just opened my business data base on my laptop and am experiencing the inability to create a new record, delete a record or duplicate a record.  Those are all greyed out in the menu bar and under "records"

I opened up some other data bases on my laptop and they are fine.  I went back to my desktop (it hasn't totally crashed yet) and those options were available from there.  


I thought it could be a permissions problem so I checked under "get info"  - "everyone" is given permission to read & write the file.  I reparied permissions and tried again.  Still no luck.


Please help!  This will be a disaster if I can no longer create new records.