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new record in multi-table layout

Question asked by JT on Oct 13, 2013
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new record in multi-table layout


     I have a relational database for members. I'm converting over from access. Right now, I'm trying to recreate the new member input form.

     For the sake of discussion, I have this relational database (with table relationships set up):

     basic info (unique member ID)

     special info (unique member ID)

     communication history (multiple entries per member)

     I have a layout that shows each table. It has the basic info and automatically shows the related special info table. I have a portal to show multiple records for commo history.

     That's fine and everything but I'm not sure how to add new records. For example, I have the basic info entered. I want to open my layout and click in the blank box for the special info and type in something for that record, have it auto-populate the right member ID and then do the same for multiple records in the portal for commo history.

     But the actual case is not being able to click anywhere to make a new record. I can edit existing but not create new records. It's probably an easy question, but what's the right method? Thanks.