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New record in related table and portal entries refresh

Question asked by AlinBadila on Sep 9, 2013
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New record in related table and portal entries refresh



     I'm new to FM but I like it very much so far. I want to make an app to ease my work and I'm stuck at a point. I have the tables related as in the attachment.  As you can see, for one PVC entry I can have more records in the tables in right. The layout in the attachment has tab entries and if I click on "new record" it creates a new record in the PVC table. The tab shown in the attachment has entries from "ConstatariOrganizatorice" table. Every other tab has entries from the tables related to PVC. 

     I don't know how to add a new entry in "ConstatariOrganizatorice" when I press the "Ok" button and also the entries added to be shown in the portal below. I tried with a script from the forum but I don't have the result I want. All it does is to create a new entry in "ConstatariOrganizatorice" with "_PvcIDFk" field completed and rest of them empty. Also, it adds an empty row in the portal.


     Thank you.


     PS: sorry for my english. I'm not a native english speaker.