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    New Record Issue



      New Record Issue


      The New Record option is dimmed out and I can't add any new records - inventory parts, invoices etc.  Please advise

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          What file are you using? A starter solution file? Which one? Has it been modified from the original design in any way?

          Two possibilities you can check:

          Is there a paused script? (You'll see buttons for Continue and maybe Cancel in the status area at the top of your screen)

          Was the file opened with a password? (Your access permissions may not permit creating new records and filemaker files can be set in File Options to open the file with a password without requiring the user to enter one so there could be an access permission issue even if you weren't asked for a password.)

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            I had checked for a paused script - not the issue.  Not opened with a password either.  This is a starter solution file 'Invoices'.  I've been using the same file for a couple of months now.  I don't have any idea what might have happened.  Also, other old dbs that are still listed in the startup screen has this function working just fine.

            Any other ideas?  Thanks in advance.

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              Are all the files where you can create a new record stored in the same folder as the Invoices file? Have you recently moved this file to a new location? Can you edit data in this file? Perhaps there's a folder permission issue that's making the file read only.

              Can you change modes by selecting either Layout or Preview Mode?

              It's possible your file could be damaged. Use the recover option to recover the file and see if you can create a new record in the recovered copy. It's best practice not to use a recovered copy of the file going forward if you have any reasonable alternative. You may want to create a new copy of Invoices and import all your data into it if recover reports a problem and/or the recovered copy allows you to create new records.