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    New Record Note Issue



      New Record Note Issue


      I am using FMP 10 with windowns XP. I imported my records from excel and everything works great now. Except when I want to add a note to a record, it doesn't allow me to. I checked the script and it is correct. When I click the "add a note" button it jusmps to my address tab. Now with that said, when I create a NEW record and then click the add a note button, there's no problem. I can add notes to any NEW records I create, but not to imported records. I also noticed that in the layout drop down window, there is a Note Utility that has 62 records, but my database has 4000. I'm not sure what the relationship is, but something is off. Advice?

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          I hope you have a back up copy that you made before you imported your records. This will save you a lot of trouble. The add note script requires a valid contact ID number in the current record. When you import contact data from another source such as an Excel file, no contact number is assigned to the newly imported records unless you click the "enable import options" check box that pops up when you import the records.


          The simplest fix is to open a back up copy of your DB and re-import the records, this time selecting that specific checkbox.


          Otherwise you have to place the contact ID field (I forget the exact name in the contact manager database), find all contact records where this field is blank, (enter an = in the ID field) and then use replace field contents to enter a serial number in all the records where this field is blank, again selecting the "update entry options" check box to make sure the next new record gets a unique ID number.


          PS. The only reason I know what you're talking about is that others have posted the same issue after importing data into the FMP contact manager template. It really helps to identify the template you are using so that any responders have a clue as to what you are talking about. :smileywink: