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    New record using existing data



      New record using existing data


           I'm needing ideas on how to create a new record using existing data.  Example I have many proposal records, that sometimes turn in to jobs.  I have a table for jobs and a table for proposals.  Usually when i create a new job record, i am re inputing in alot of duplicate data.  Fore example Client ID Job Location, Price of Job.   Can anyone give me some ideas, or tips on creating a easy interface to turn a proposal in to a job record?  Something like a button to create a new job based on proposal Number.  I'm up for all Ideas Thank you in advance.

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               You can make the Proposal Record the only one (all other omitted).  Then import this record to the Job Table.  

               However, these should probably be one table, with a field to identify it as either a Proposal or a Job.  You could capture a date of change over.  Just a thought.