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New Record with Multiple Portals on Layout

Question asked by ShariFoucher on Feb 23, 2012
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New Record with Multiple Portals on Layout


Still working on dog licensing.  Have layout with main table as owner, portals as dog registration and dog license.  I want to be able to pull up an owner that has 1 or more dogs registered, and add a new one.

I have a dog id on the registration that has auto-entry and works correctly in the portal for a new dog (generate on creation).  However, although the new license id correctly generates in the portal (also generate on creation), the link between these two tables is the new dog id, and what it is linking to is the first dog id in the registration portal.

I have tried several different fields with a script trigger to go to the last portal row and make dog reg dog id = dog license dog id, but nothing seems to be working.