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    New records and links



      New records and links


           Hi, I do not use FileMaker and hasitating btw. Access, FM and Openoffice Base.

           I would like to ask if it is possible to insert more new records at the same time.

           For example I have an existing database but I would like to give 100+ more elements into the database. How can I add these records? Is that possible to see the simple Tables behind the UI Format and just insert the rows that were copied from Excel table?

           As well as Can I add hyperlinks for each records that could open the folder of the record. For example I have photos as records and I would like to click on a photo or a hyperlink text and FileMaker just open the folder where the file is situated?





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               You can certainly import that data from an excel file or even drag and drop that file onto your FIleMaker app to produce a filemaker file converted from the Excel file.

               You can test these options for free if you download the 30 day free trial copy of FileMaker from FileMaker's web site.