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New script trigger

Question asked by DataCzar on Jul 24, 2010
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New script trigger


I recently watched the sample video on how to create a trigger.

The demo was designed to change the layout based on the view.

I created the following script (see below-as per the demo)

I than added the script in 'Edit Layout' and added the new script trigger as 'on view change' for both the form view and list view.

The problem starts when you try to click from the 'List View' back to the 'Form View'.  The box for 'Form View' is not enabled and I am not able to click on it. 

Can anyone assist?

If[Get (LayoutViewState ) =0]

Go to Layout ["Record Detail-Customers" (Customers)]

View As [View as Form]

Else If[Get (LayoutViewState ) =1]

Go to Layout ["Record List-Customers" (Customers)]

  View As [View as List]


Go to Layout ["Record Detail-Customers" (Customers)]

  View As [View as Table]

End If