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    New Slide Control versus Tab Control



      New Slide Control versus Tab Control


           My current project has over 30  tab controls on 1 layout which are all hidden to make my project look and feel like a windows program,(None of the Tabs are ever used as designed) its a real pain keeping track of what is where and all the scripts needed to go to multiple tabs each time!

           I have just seen the Slide control on FM13 and wondered would it be too premature to use instead? It would save a serious amount of time and effort hiding, navigating and keeping track of tabs.

           Could anyone tell me any issues they think would stop me using slide controls instead!

           Ps. I would gladly Kiss whoever came up with the Popover Button :)

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               Just a general observation about using newly released software from ANY software publisher:

               A new release may include issues that raise serious usability issues when finally encountered by an "early adopter". Thus a new release should be a "use with caution" version until some time has gone by and we've learned what issues it has. FileMaker 12, for example, really wasn't usable in many cases until a bug fix corrected a number of issues.

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                 FWIW, I think that hidden tab controls is much more easily maintained using the new sliding controls.  I wish the conversion were as simple as just changing the objects "type" attribute from standard to sliding, but I've found that copying objects from the old tab to the new, tab by tab, isn't really too bad...although I only had about 12 tabs to do this one.

                 What I like about the sliding control is that switching tabs in layout mode is as easy as double-clicking the object and clicking forward or back.  

                 The only real considerations I have found are:

            •           if using the layout with FM Go (or with desktop/laptop touch screens and perhaps with Web Direct?), finger gestures on a slide control will switch to the next tab (if this option is enabled), while the same gestures on a regular tab control will switch between records (if record scrolling is unlocked); 
            •           if the solution will be used by both FM12 and FM13 users, then the slide control cannot be used or referenced unless you create duplicate layouts (one for FM12 users and the other for FM13 users).
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                   I haven't got an ipad to test on (Think Santa bringing me one)

                   Although I haven't the confidence to start developing in FM13 yet, I copied and re designed my application with it last night. I'm seriously impressed with 13.

                    I had it finished in 3hours and its aesthetically superior to the original.   If I had to rebuild the same with tabs it would be days, including the risk of a nervous breakdown or a long chat with "Jack Daniels"