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New Sub-Summary Part Jumps to Next Page

Question asked by richardsrussell on Jan 18, 2015
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New Sub-Summary Part Jumps to Next Page


I'm printing a 2-column report (down first) with sub-summaries. My expectation is that a new sub-summary header will occur just below the final entry of the previous sub-summary group, but it's not. For example, Page 1 has 2 complete columns of text, Page 2 has a complete left column and a few lines of type at the top of the right column, then there's a big blank space, and the new sub-summary starts at the top of Page 3. The 4 possible check marks in the sub-summary definition are all blank:

O Page break before each occurrence

O Page break after every ___ occurrence

O Restart page numbers after each occurrence

O Allow part to break across page boundaries

Why is it doing this? How can I make it flow continuously?