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New Table Occurrence with a M:M resolver table

Question asked by MorkAfur on May 17, 2015
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New Table Occurrence with a M:M resolver table


I tried to create a new "TO" with a M:M table so I could create a different portal data source relationship definition (one with no blank row), but when I try to create a new TO for the M:M table and try to connect the same two tables to it (using the new TO), I get the FMP message saying that there can only be one line to this new TO.

I tried to then create multiple TOs of various parts of the existing relationships that the M:M related to. At this point, I no longer got the FMP error about the single line to a TO, but then the data was not correct.

Although I've created new TOs with single data relationships, I seem to be missing something here.

Any suggestions would be welcome.


- m