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New table with same layout

Question asked by scott_cassidy on Jul 5, 2013
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New table with same layout


     Hi there,

     I'm building a database of products with their corresponding codes, descriptions, prices etc.  I've chosen the invoice starter solution layout as it works well with what I'm trying to accomplish.

     Though I don't want ALL of our products under one table.  We buy from different manufacturers and I'd like to group each set of products in several different manufacturer tables.

     I've tried creating a new table, and linking it up in the Relationships window, though upon its creation its in the default layout.  I'm unaware as to how to change that layout to the one like the starter solution.

     I also tried duplicating the first table in the starter solution layout I want, though if I try editing the new duplicated layout, it also edits the original.  Therefore this isn't an adequate solution.

     I'd appreciate any help, thanks so much!