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    New Tables from starter solution



      New Tables from starter solution


           I have a data based to monitor future projects that I am developing but would like to add a contacts table.  Is it possible to copy a table from a starter solution to my data base?  


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               You can use import records to import the data and the table if you select "new table" as the target table for your import. If you have FileMaker Advanced, you can copy and paste a table from Managate |Database to copy the table without also copying the data.

               Another option is to keep the table in the starter solution so that you can still use the starter solution to manage this data, but use an external data source reference to reference the data in that table as though it were in your other file.

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                  Yes, it's easy if you have Advanced.  If you don't have Advanced, there is a way outlined by PhilModJunk, but I cant seem to locate it.  I think you just import the Contacts Table into FM and it creates a table with all the fields.  If I can find his post, I will edit mine.


                 To sort of copy a layout, first create the same blank layout in your database--using the same theme, etc.  Make sure the header, body, and footer are the same size as the layout you are copying.  On the existing layout, Ctrl A (select all), Ctrl C (copy all).  Then on the new layout, Ctrl V (paste).  Without clicking anywhere on the layout, use the arrow keys to move all the fields together into the correct spot.

                 edit:  Well that was easy, Phil is up wayyyyyyy to early and typing the same time I am :)

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                   Thanks both of you - it worked for me with a little modification of the tables once imported.  Great.