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New Task Alerts - Messaging system via Filemaker

Question asked by deltatango on Feb 9, 2010
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New Task Alerts - Messaging system via Filemaker


I have implemented a "Task Center" in a client's database where a user can assign tasks to other users.


The problem with this is that if the user never opens the task center, these can go unseen. I therefore want to create an onTimer script that will popup  with new tasks every so often.


The way I've set it up is so that  the script is called at startup and then an onTimer script step recalls itself every x minutes. the script checks for new tasks and if there are some, alerts the user.


MY FEAR though is that I don't want the script to open up during key script that shouldn't be interrupted. I'm wondering how I can control this.


What I was thinking was to set a global variable when the non-interruptable script runs and then destroy it when script finishes.


That way, the onTimer script can see if this global variable is set and if so, exit.


Any suggestions?