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New Time log dBase

Question asked by kentanderson on Feb 25, 2014
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New Time log dBase


     Im gonna make this a three part question. Im adding a few new tables to my current dBase.  I currently have a Jobs table, client table, and proposal table.  Im adding Employee Table, and Time Log table.  From what i've learned on here my first instinct is to create a PK for both of these tables.  The employee table is basic employee id, Alias, First, and Last.  The Time Log table fields are Time log Id, Employee id, Date, Job Number, and time spent.  I created a relation ship between the two using employee Id. (Not sure if this is going to be the best relationship or not)

     Part 1. I need a Form that will allow the user to select a employee, and add multiple records to the Time log table.  ( I was thinking maybe a form based on employee, with a portal showing Time log, and allowing creation between the relationship.) Is this the best way????? Im up for ideas.

     Part 2. The main thing this time log dBase is going to be used for is printing weekly reports, for employees to show which jobs  they worked on for the previous week. The other main purpose it Job reports.  For example I would print a report for Job Number 13-1078, and want to see all the employees that worked on the job and there time. ( Im telling you this because im not sure my relationship will work well for this type of report.)

     Part 3. should I tie the job number field in with the job number field form my Job number table??  Maybe for easier data entry??

     Thank you for your patience.