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New to databases

Question asked by ChristopherColes on Mar 11, 2010
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New to databases


Hello all,


I'm new to databases and attempting to get my head wrapped around how FileMaker operates and handles relationships.


I'll start off with a simple question and move forward with more complex questions in later postings.


I have a table called Vendors and another called Notes.  I'm using a one-to-many relationship thinking along the lines that one vendor can have many notes.  I've got PK and FK set up accordingly from Vendor to Notes in the Relationships Graph.


What I'm wanting to accomplish is have a portal that lists all related notes for the vendor and I've made it to that point.  My Notes Table has Date, Subject, Note.


I want the Subject and Date to show up in my portal- which it does.  But here's the part I can't figure out.  I want a separate field that's large and outside of the portal listing to display the contents of the selected note in the portal list.  So as I click on a note subject in the portal, the note field's content change with the selected note record.


I apologize if this does not make sense.