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New to File Maker

Question asked by golfersmudge on Sep 14, 2012
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New to File Maker


     Hi, I'm vert new to file maker and have a question regarding its capabilities and if it is right for what I am looking to achieve.

     I want to create a programme / app where I can have a front page which gives me a choice perhaps via a drop down menu of locations which have to be inspected on a regular basis, once selected I then require to have further drop down menus which are relevant to those properties and can check them off as necessary, but if any of the inspections were to fail any part of a process then it would give me the option to add comments ( these would most likely be pre written paragraphs as any failure would be repetitive and require the same or similar comments). I would also prefer to have access to add in web links pointing to areas which can help in rectifying failures for information. 

     Can something like this be created using file maker and how difficult would it be to create I fall the information required was already at hand? 

     All information or help would be very much appreciated.