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    new to filemaker



      new to filemaker



      I am new to filemaker , from where I should start ?



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          At the beginning of course :smileywink:


          Learning anything new depends greatly on what you already have learned that is applicable to the new skills you want to acquire.


          Are you familiar with other database programs?

          Do you have some knowledge/experience with computer programming?

          Do you understand the priniciples of relational database design?


          Yes to any of the above questions will greatly reduce the learning curve.


          There are tutorials available.

          There are books you can buy and read.

          You can join an FMP user group if one is near you.

          You can participate in forums like this one.


          Using filemaker, create a simple database and see if you can get it to do what you want. When you encounter a problem/question, post your question here.

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            thanks for replay


            my answer is yes to all of your questions, I am interested mostly to use filemaker with fmtouch to make database application on iphone  , but I dont have experience with iphone


            is there an emulator I can use for iphone on windows ?