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    New To FileMaker



      New To FileMaker


      I am new to filemaker in all regards, and My boss needs me to become very proficent at it very quickly. What resources are available by which i may learn the basics of filemaker pro and from there learn to become quite proficent, learnig the ins and outs, because my boss knows as much as I do or less.

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          There are books on the subject, online training tutorials, even videos on YouTube you can watch. Which are best for you isn't a question I can answer, though you can research the books offered on a site like Amazon where you can read the reader reviews to get a clue. Much depends on how much you know about relational databases and computer programming already. The more you know already in these areas, the quicker you can get up to speed in FileMaker.

          And you are welcome to post questions here as you work with FileMaker and encounter questions for which you can't find an answer...