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    New to Filemaker



      New to Filemaker


      I'm using FileMaker Pro Advanced 12 to make an inspection reporting form for an Ipad. The first page is inspector name, product, lot, inspection type etc. The second page is the inspection form for the parts. When this form is filled out I run a Record Inspection button (script trigger OnObjedtEnter) to record the result to the data base and clear the form for the next inspection the data in my first page goes away.

      How can I keep the data in the first page stable for the 30 some odd inspections until the shift change?

      Any help is greatly appreciated.


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          You'll need to explain your current design in terms of tables and fields and what your script does (A button, BTW, does not use OnObjectEnter...) so that we can then suggest how to change the design to get the results that you want.

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            Is there a way for me to upload what I have? or email?

            If I click on it in Layout mode the button setup comes up and New Record/Request is highlighted. This records the data fields that are filled in and resets the form. But it also resets all the data in my first page that I want to keep until I change it.

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              This is the second page, the green record button is what I'm talking about. 

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                The record button on the first page I sent keeps all the data and just changes pages to the inspection page. The Record Inspection button on the second page I want to record all the fields but only clear the data on the Inspection form page 2. At shift change the red button brings them back to the first page for manually entering the new inspectors information.

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                  It's not the design of your layouts that we need to see as much as it is the tables, fields and relationships defined in Manage | Database.

                  Screen shots can be captured by pressing Alt-Print Scrn or Shift Print Scrn and then pasting the image thus copied to your system clipboard into an image editor such as Windows Paint. You can then save and upload the image.

                  This can also be done on a Mac, but the precise details differ a bit.

                  After reading your other post, it sounds like you need to take a step back and learn some more basic stuff about database design before taking a fresh crack at what you are trying to do. Note my comment about "up to 54 related records" in your other thread.