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New to Filemaker - Starting from Scratch-Relationship Help

Question asked by ndobrinic on Jan 30, 2014
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New to Filemaker - Starting from Scratch-Relationship Help


     Hello Filemaker Community,

     I am very new to Filemaker and have been set with the task of creating a database for a museum.  I have been through the videos on and still need some additional assistance.   I want to set this up properly and am having trouble knowing how to set up the relationships, that way they communicate to each other in the correct manner.  I am having a difficult time deciding what is the parent table and child etc.  This database will contain a lot of information on the specimens and so forth.

     So far I have created a table known as Specimens-Entry.  It contains fields such as specimen name, accession number, department, gallery relationship and so forth.  I also have a table for graphics.  My main concern is knowing what is the parent and what is the child.  Whether that applies to this situation.  Also, I am very new to forums, so please forgive me. Any help or guidance is welcome.