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    New to Filemaker and having a Relationship issue



      New to Filemaker and having a Relationship issue


      First, my background. I am using Filemaker Pro 10 Advanced on Windows Vista and Snow Leopard. I am fairly new to Filemaker in that I have created some simple databases and I have worked with Access in the past.


      Now for my issue. I am trying to create a database to include the following: clients, orders and expenses along with a few other things but I have that part figured out. The clients table is linked with the orders table, since every order will have a client. The expenses table is not linked to a client because the expense may occur with or without a client. Therefore, I would like to create a financial summary of both orders (which would be income), along with the expenses. I have figured out the summary fields and have gotten those to work. The problem is in displaying the data on a layout, I cannot get the data from both the orders and expenses tables to show and I believe it is a relationship problem.


      Any help would be appreciated.



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          Is this similar to the report you want?





          Total Income




          Total Expenses

          Net gain/loss


          If so, then you'll have trouble doing this in Filemaker without restructuring your tables. If you restructure your tables so that income and expenses are recorded in the same table, it'll be much easier to generate the above report.