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New to Filemaker and need find help..

Question asked by RobertsPI on Apr 13, 2010
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New to Filemaker and need find help..



  I'm brand new to Filemaker and running FM Pro 11 on a Mac.  I've imported a database with in excess of 3.6 million records.  One field contains numeric values in dollars from $1.00 on up to $100,000 plus.  I'm looking to do a find for records that are in dollar value greater than $1,000 but less than $5,000.  I've done the find using the following with NO luck  >1000 <5000 and also with spaces added as follows - > 1000 < 5000.  From here I'll sort this data by various county codes and that I'm hoping to figure out.  I'm in a bit of a jam and need to sort this data quickly.  Can anyone please help with the proper input for this find?


MUCH appreciated in advance!