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New to fileMaker and need some input

Question asked by PamKelly on Jul 29, 2010
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New to fileMaker and need some input


I am a yarn rep so i visti lots of shops and sell lots of product.

so one company i sell for could have 15 different lines of yarn plus in those lines of yarn multiple colors.

so I was thinking i create a database for each company i rep for and than have a table for each of the yarns with the colors in the table.  than these tables are joined back to the main table/database of the yarn company.

I know i create invoices but i am not seeing the big picture of how it all works.

i go into a shop and type in there information and than how do i bring in the tables for each of the companies.  I will need an invoice for each of the companies the shop purchases from.

i was thinking this was a one to many if you think of it the way that you are in one shop.