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New to Filemaker but not new to programming

Question asked by raykennedy on Nov 24, 2010
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New to Filemaker but not new to programming


I have had the free trial download for the last couple of days and have a pretty good handle on the basics of the program. My first question is in relation to the flexibility of the relational tables. I understand how to use a portal and it's quite effective but it seems to limit your design capabilities across related tables. Maybe I am missing something but here is what I am trying to do. I am use to programming language that queries data and you can manipulate various fields across several tables. In Filemaker pro the only way it seems you can pull in certain tables into certain layouts is through a portal.

I am trying to create a printable report that pulls various fields that are related from multiple tables and place them in unique areas on the page. Basically I have a certain format I have to follow for data reports for work and this would help streamline it. Assuming the tables are related to the invoice. I would like to pull customers name and put that at a certain spot on a page and from another table pull the property address and put that on a certain spot on the page. Is there a way you can  query data like you could in programs such as PHP/MySQL. I am very familiar with this structure so it's hard to get use to.

Hope that makes sense and it's not too lengthy. Any tips or direction would be helpful.