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    New to Filemaker Pro



      New to Filemaker Pro




      I am new to the Filemaker Pro Program and i have downloaded the trial on Windows. 

      I am having a difficult time managing excel files on the program. 

      We need to ba able to manage leads (for a call centre) on your program. I need to import exsisting excel files into File maker and be able to manage them (view by date) but also be able to run a script that will find duplicate leads (compare all files) 


      Thanks for your help!

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          Do you know how to use Import Records to import an excel file into filemaker?


          Do you have tables and fields defined in filemaker for this? If no, you can drag and drop your first Excel file onto the filemaker application icon to start the process of creating your database and import the data from the first file at the same time.


          Once you can do this, there are several methods you can use to find duplicate entries.


          Define a calculation field that concatentates all the fields in question into a single string. (field1 & field 2 & field 3 &....)

          Place this field on a layout.

          Enter find mode.

          Enter a sing exclamation point in this field.

          Perform the find.

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               i have converted the excel files into filemaker files, and can view them, i have tried running the duplicate script but i would like to know how to do that on all of the files (as in to check if some files are duplicates of others, and is there any way i can make each file a "page" in a large database?
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                 If these are all files of the same type of data, you should only convert the first spreadsheet into a filemaker file and then import each subsequent file into that same database file. That's why I've suggested using Import Records. With all the data imported into a single filemaker file, you can start finding and processing any duplicate records.
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                And by importing records you mean just selecting a file from the startup menu in teh FileMaker pro? Sorry for all teh questions im just new at this and dont want to make a stupid mistake and end up re-doing averything!


                Thank you so much for your help!

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                  Open your filemaker database file.

                  Pull down the file menu and select Import Records | File...

                  Find the Excel file that contains the data you want to import, select it and click Open.


                  To learn more about Import Records and it's many options, look it up in Filemaker's help system. (press F1).


                  When learing how to use Import Records, it's a good idea to make back up copies of your database before attempting to import more records.