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New to FileMaker Pro but not to Databases

Question asked by drmacintosh on Oct 25, 2010
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New to FileMaker Pro but not to Databases


Hello to all in this forum.  I am venturing into FileMaker Pro 11/Advanced 11 for the first time.  I am marginally familiar with FileMaker from back in the day 1989 when I got my first computer an Apple Macintosh Plus and FileMaker II was around.  Then approximately 4 years later I received a degree in Computer Science- Information Technology where I first learned databases with Ashton-Tate's Dbase II, Dbase III+ & Dbase IV all for DOS & dabbled in FoxBase's FoxPro for DOS & then Microsoft FoxPro for Macintosh.  When I got into this field databases were pretty much all Flat File as compared to today where they are all Relational.  It has been roughly 17 years ago since I last worked with databases.  I also have all of the instructor's projects in still pretty much Dbase II/III+/IV format on 5.25"/3.5" low-density floppy diskettes.  Knowing that a lot has changed in 17 years I have downloaded the current trial version of FileMaker Pro 11 for Macintosh, purchased the FileMaker Training Series for FileMaker 11 Book/DVD, went through the included tutorial, am reading the FileMaker Pro 9 Bible & finally browsing the website.  Here is my question, what can I expect when getting back into databases?  Is there anything learnt 17 years ago still applicable today?  Also about the possibility of getting/importing/transferring all of these Dbase files into FileMaker?  Any advice would be much appreciated.