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    New to Filemaker, Can it do this?



      New to Filemaker, Can it do this?


      I'm brand new to Filemaker 10, working on a mac and want to know if Filemaker can make Product tags for different varieties of the same product. I am going to attach an image of what I'm trying to accomplish and would love it if someone can look at it and advise me as to whether or not it can be done. If there is someone out there who wants to make some cash by creating the basic file for me to work from , I would up for that as well. Thank youProduct CardProduct

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          The features look pretty straight forward except for this phrase: "fit to fill". Can you be more specific and maybe give an example or two? I can read that description several different ways.


          Check your private messages (Little White Icon just under the Search button.) for messages from developers who may respond to your post.

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            Actually, the forum won't let me send you a private message as your screen name is identical to someone elses. The previous release allowed you to select from a list when there duplicates. This version gives you the selection list, but appears unable to resolve the issue and allow the message to be sent. I'm passing that info onto Modman--our forum moderator.

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              Thanks for getting back to me. "Fit to fill" would mean this: In the photo section, sometimes ther pictures will be 5X7 at 300 dpi and sometimes they may be 3X% at 72 dpi- in either case they should resize themselves to fit the box that the picture/photo goes in. In the description part, sometimes the description is 40 letters long and sometimes it will be 200 characters long- in either case the font point size should change so that the description fits in its box. In the datbase file it would be great if there were radio buttons to chose between the 2 or 3 possibilities and that corresponding word would appear on the producy card.

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                Using 5x7 300dpi (10500 pixels) pictures to print a label that is 3x3 at 72dpi (648 pixels) may result in a speed hit that would be unacceptable.

                There are utilities, fmp plugins and scripts on both platforms that would help resolve this problem.