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New to Filemaker, few questions!

Question asked by NeilScrivener on Feb 9, 2014
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New to Filemaker, few questions!


     Hello Everyone!

     I am very new to Filemaker, and finding it slightly harder than expected. I'm a bit of an excel whizz, but these formulas seem a bit harder, and are far less instant!


     A chap called Guy Stevens has been very helpful, and has a great Youtube - but to save burdoning him I thought I'd ask here too.


     So what I'm looking to do is a hire rental inventory, and I've a few questions;


Question 1

     A lot of the items I hire tend to be in 'kits'. So a "2-Way Speaker Kit" may comprise of; 

     2 x Speakers

     2 x Cables

     1 x Case

     Of course, when I produce and equipment list, I don't want to have to select, or even see the components of the kit list - I just want to see the Kits, and have Filemaker automatically add the components. However these will be required to be displayed at the Preparation List.

     Currently, what I have is an Equipment table with the following fields;

     - ID (a serial)

     - Item (the description of the item)

     - Composite? (a yes/no option for what the item is)

     - Discipline

     - Category

     - Day Price

     - Days per Week

     - Weight

     - Quantity Owned.


     I was assuming that the best idea would be to have the items I don't want to see with a 'Yes' next to the "Composite?" box, and then find some kind of filter to see and hide these?


     Any advice/opinions/ideas on how to attach the composites to the item etc.


Question 2

     Because this is a rental system, the number of items available is of course dependent on the dates.

     Any tips for setting up this kind of system too, and good ideas/tricks etc.


     I'm happy to learn, but even some of the Youtubes lost me a bit, so need a bit of help!