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    New to FileMaker, trying to link fields



      New to FileMaker, trying to link fields


           I'm setting up a database where I want to have my "Contact info" field filled based on the vendor selected in the "Vendors" field.


           Both fields are linked to fields in a secondary table where each vendor has a 1:1 correlation with a website or other such contact info.

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               Can you describe the current design of your database in more detail?

               Do you have two tables in your database linked in a relationship? What are they and what fields are defined as match fields in it?

               (A screen shot of Manage | Database | Relationships, cropped to show just the relevant table occurrence boxes can be a big help.)

               Assuming that you have two tables linked in a relationship, on which table is your layout based? (What name is shown to the right of "Table:" in the status toolbar area when you view this layout while in layout mode?)

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                 Unfortunately due to the nature of the info in this database, I can't post any screenshots.

                 I currently have two tables "Order history" and "Vendors"

                 Order_History::Vendors = Vendors::Vendors

                 Order_History::Contact_Info = Vendors::Contact_Info


                 The layout is based on the Order History table.

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                   The screenshot that I requested would not have displayed a single item of data entered into any of the fields of your database, only the names of some tables and a few fields set up as match fields in your relationships--the same info that you posted here as text.

                   My best guess is that you have a relationship with 4 match fields arrange in two pairs between the same two table occurrence boxes. If you were to double click the relationship line, is this what you see?

                           Order_History::Vendors = Vendors::Vendors

              AND Order_History::Contact_Info = Vendors::Contact_Info

                   That does not appear to be the correct relationship to use. What kind of field is Vendors::Vendors?

                   It should be a field that uniquely identifies each vendor and ideally should be either an auto-entered serial number or Get ( UUID ) so that it serves as the Primary Key for the Vendors table.

                   If so, your relationship should be based on just the first pair of fields:

                   Vendors----<Order History

                   Vendors::Vendors = Order History::Vendors

                   You can then format Order History::Vendors with a value list of IDs and Vendor names (typically as a drop down list or pop up menu) so that you can select a vendor by name, but the value list enters the ID.

                   Then, you can use either the Field Tool or the Field Picker to add any fields from Vendors to your Order History layout and they will show data from the vendor that you select in the Order History::Vendors field.