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New to Filemaker: need advice in designing a database

Question asked by R.Barre on Aug 27, 2011
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New to Filemaker: need advice in designing a database


I just downloaded the Filemaker trial and am hoping you can save me a few decades of stumbling around like a ninny.

I would like to create a kind of Project Management database.  Let's say we have 100 steps in our Project.  I'd like to create something like a folder or bin for each Step into which I can put a variety of items: notes, questions, research photos, diagrams, audio and video files, text documents, etc.  So if I'm having a meeting with staff on Step 4, I can just open up the Step 4 bin and find everything I need.  

But here's where it gets complicated.

In each Step, I'd like to assign some of these notes, questions, files, etc. to particular departments.  And since many of these Steps are performed at different locations, I'd like to assign each step to a particular location.  So if I'm having a meeting with the Sales Department, I can view all my information by department, and it will show the notes in Steps 3, 18, 43 and 89 that are assigned to Sales.

And if I'm meeting with everyone from the Chicago office, I can view the information by location and see just those Steps (2, 45, 68 and 94) that take place in Chicago.

See what I mean?  

I'm just not sure how to set that up.  Is there a template out there sort of like what I'm trying to do?  Or some advice as to how I could get started on something like this?  As I said, I have no experience in creating databases, so be gentle.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer me.