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    New to Filmmaker Pro



      New to Filmmaker Pro


      I am thinking of purchasing Filmmaker Pro Advance and wanted to get some feedback.  I am currently using Alpha 5 and though it is a good database, I'm disappointed with the limited number of "add-ins".  Any advise would be appreciated.

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          I suggest downloading the 30 day free trial and trying it out. This is the non-advanced version, but the two versions of Pro are exactly the same except for some very valuable added features so your experience with the trial will exactly match your experiences with advanced except that you will gain some nice additional features such as a script debugger and database design reports that you don't have with the non-advanced trial copy.


          And feel free to post questions here as you play around with the trial copy!

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            Good suggestion.  I did download the 30-day demo and will begin navigating my way through it.


            I do have a question regarding using File Maker in a server environment: it is possible for both Mac's and PC's to utilize the same server.  (I may not be asking the appropriate question - in other words, if I design a database using a PC, can others within my office who use Mac's have access to the database?).

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              Yes yes yes.


              Filemaker is totally cross platform.  Awesome stuff.  


              I once ran Server on a Mac and the entire network (other than the server) was Windows.  And you can edit from either Mac or Windows.  


               No problem! 

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                Does it run on Linux too?
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                  No Linux as far as I know and there are a few differences between platforms.


                  Even though you can use the files interchangeably, the two systems display text slightly different so sometimes you have to make some small layout adjustments to get consistent text display on both systems. (Windows machines need a bit more horizontal and vertical space to display the same block of text either as a layout object or in a field.) You also need to be careful to either use plain vanilla fonts or to ensure the same font is installed on all systems.


                  Also, windows are managed slightly differently so if you use the New Window script step or a Go To Related Records script step with the New Window option, you may need to adjust your script steps if the windows were in "maximized" state prior to the New Window step.