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    New to FM - Question on layouts


      New to FM - Question on layouts


      Hi everyone! 

      I just started working with FileMaker and have a question regarding layouts. 

      I've created a very simple database lookup.  I have three tables and one layout (form).  Everything is working correctly.  My question is this...is there a way to "hide" the tables when in the layout form?  So, what I want is for a end-user to only be able to view the form and not the tables.

      Thanks in advance!


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          You can create any number of layouts for a given table and you have complete control over what fields from that table may be accessed by the user and what level of access you want to permit.

          A Form can only directly access records from one table. Any records from other tables will not be accessible on that layout except as controlled by any relationships that you define. With a relationship, data from matching records in related tables can be displayed as though they are part of the current record(s) in the layout's table, or you can set up a portal to display multiple related records for each record in the current layout's table.

          Thus, I don't quite understand what you mean by enabling the end-user to "view the form and not the tables".

          If, by that, you mean you don't want them to be able to use table view, you can prohibit that view for any given layout in Layout Setup...

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            Ahhh...after reading your reply, I figured it out.  Go into Manage - Layouts and un-check the tables I don't want to appear.

            Great...thanks Phil!!