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    New to FM - Starter Solution vs. from scratch



      New to FM - Starter Solution vs. from scratch


      Brand new to FileMaker here.  Have Pro 10 trial version on Mac OX 10.4.11, full version on order.


      Initial attempt at a database will be for 2-way radio repeater system with tables for:  1) Users, 2) Unit Numbers and 3) FCC Call Signs.


      In looking at the Starter Solutions I get the impression it may be more work to modify one of these (such as Contact Management) as opposed to building from scratch.


      Anyone have any suggestions if this impression is accurate or not?  Or any pitfalls for a first timer to avoid?  Thanks.

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          I say start from scratch, rather than trying to get rid of baggage that you don't need. It's easy! You can use the examples for ideas,  but just create the fields that YOU require, as you need them. The only pitfall would be putting all fields in one big table, and it sounds like you've already thought of that. So i guess next on the list would be to consider how the tables are going to be related?


          Start small with just a few names; don't try experimenting with hundreds of records in a table. If that works, then add more info. When you get stuck, just post a question. Best of luck.

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            Thanks a lot Scott, I will go that route.  I can probably set up about 4 or 5 test records when I finish my 1st attempted design.  I appreciate your comment.


            NOTE:  The information in the later thread: "New User table designs and relationship question" given by davidanders re: "White Paper for FMP Novices" looks EXCELLENT.  I have printed it out for my FM 3 ring binder (101 pages).