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    new to FM .. ? transport file to another computer



      new to FM .. ? transport file to another computer


      I altered a data base template from the ones that come with FM to meet my needs (on laptop). Saved the file under a new name. Emailed it to my self to open on main computer. When FM opens it there are no field names, and though it indicates there is 1 record (my test one) there's no data in it. Can't find what is wrong.  ???

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          Which copy did you email? The saved copy or the original?

          Any chance that the attached file was open at the time you emailed it?

          What options did you specify when you saved a copy?

          When you saved your copy, did you immediately open it and check to see what you had before you emailed it? (That way you can determine if saving a copy or emailing it was the source of your problems.)

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            Thanks for responding PhipModJunk. 

            I think I've got the answer. I -think- it relates to 'activation' and that the allowance is two, and it's automatic. My problem occured on a third machine where I was intending to further edit the template-format done on a laptop (in my situation I actually will only 'run/use' FM on one machine). This linitation is going to be a problem for me in using FM. They've apparently removed the user's option to activate and deactivate a machine at will (which would work well for my needs). If anyone know hows to do this in FM-11 Please chime in. I'm ooing to check out Open Office's database component before I move to FM and might sell my new copy of FM and give up on it. There was no dialog on install as to # of install's being used up, etc, and I did not register for I wanted to establish how this was going to work first. But, apparently there's some mechanism to 'phone home'? 

            To answer your questions directly incase there's something within the responses that would make a difference. 1.emailed the saved copy. 2.no. 3.none. 4 yes- all was fine. (the copy I emailed was, in further testing, opened on the original install computer fine)

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              FileMaker 11 does not need to be activated in any way. You should simply be able to install the software on each machine. The only limitations you'll encounter is that two computers with the same single-user licensed install of FileMaker cannot connect to the same hosted database file. The second to attempt to open the file will get an error message and then that copy of FileMaker shuts down.


              Well you have to select at least one option or you can't save the file. you have to specify whether or not you saved a clone or a copy of the file. A clone would be empty of any records so that might explain what you encountered here. However, you've indicated that you checked the file before emailing it to make sure the copy was OK...

              Since you confirmed that the file was intact before you emailed it, there are other possibilities to check out. The first that comes to mind is that the third computer might have been a snow leopard or Lion Mac system. Sometimes font issues on these machines have lead to mysteriously blank layouts until the problem font or suitcase file was removed or replaced.