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New to FM and FM Go - A few Questions re Images

Question asked by JoeBirt on Feb 1, 2013
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New to FM and FM Go - A few Questions re Images


     Hello there

     I have been given a project by my manager to upgrade our Access Database to a "Mobile" version accessible from Ipads

     We have a database of 2830 records each with upto 6 image fields and 20 other fields including a hyperlink

     I have been looking at FM Pro12 and have successfully imported my Access database and with some success been able to display the images - using separate files for each type and linking to the main FM file

     I am looking for guidance before buying the full program -

     1. Can users add records from the Ipad including images.

     2. Should I host the database on the server or each Ipad have a complete copy of the database.

     3. How many users can be connected to the host at any one time.

     Sorry for the dumb q`s but I have only been using FM for about a week