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New to FM and need help with updating script

Question asked by ChronicD on Nov 17, 2009
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New to FM and need help with updating script


Hello all,


Very new to FM and have hit a brick wall... what a surprise


I am trying to build a database that will facilitate the managing of shift workers for a small business, it is very much run off of a calender and i wish to retain that feel and effectively end up with a month calender as my start page user interface. from there different days can be picked etc... anyway i started building my tables for employee, client and job information - no problem. then i tried to figure out how to build this calender gui. Well i got a bit stuck here as it is not actually a calander i want but the feel of a calander. In any case i realised i would probably have to make my own and started hunting around for a guide on how to do this.


i found this by John Mark Osborne and thought that it looked simple enough i could do it. anyway i got to building the script for the repeating of the records for the days of each year and made a mistake and cant for the life of me work ut what. hoping someone will spot my error and push me in the right direction again :)


here is the script i wrote in fm 10 (oh thats right the script i am working off of was for 7/8)


Generate Days
Show Custom Dialog [ Title: "Year ( Date )"; Message: "Enter the value you wish to create"; Buttons: “OK”, “Cancel” ]
Set Variable [ $Date; Value:"Date" ]
Go to Layout [ “Days” (Days) ]
Freeze Window
  New Record/Request
  Set Field [ Days:: Dates; $Date ]
  Perform Script [ “Generate Days”; Parameter: Days:: Dates ]
  Exit Loop If [ Year(Days:: Dates + 1) = Year($Date) + 1 ]
  Set Variable [ $Date; Value:$Date + 1 ]
End Loop


Oh and i welcome any ideas for other ways i can go about this