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New to FM and trying to work out a conflict...

Question asked by CraigJulian on Mar 13, 2011
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New to FM and trying to work out a conflict...


Hello and Thank you for looking...any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

The issue I am having: I have 5 tables currently (Companies, Contacts and Client Notes, Company Notes, Client Service Group Notes) and we want the all the "Notes" tabs (scripted) to appear on the individual contact and then complied on the company page. The issue I am having would be that the notes are showing up on every contact and not each individual only.

I have given the "Company" a serial number and added that serial number to the "contacts" so I can use a portal and show the contacts on the Company page.

i think this is where my conflict is but I really do not know of a fix. Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you! Craig