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New to FM need help!!

Question asked by StephenMoore on Mar 1, 2013
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New to FM need help!!


     I'm sure you get these types of posts all the time and I apologise!

     I'm making a database of patients and the dose of a substance they require.  I have made a table called bodyweight (drug volume is based on bodyweight) and used a portal to display data against a patients info.  I have then made a table called substance to dose (again displayed as a portal in the patients info table). 

     I have performed the calculation 'Dose Volume= (bodyweigt::bodyweight kg/1000)*(substance to dose::dose)/substance to dose::dose concentration.  Where, dose volume is the required field result and 'bodyweight kg', 'dose', and 'dose concentration' are all reference fields.  The calcualtion works perfectly and gives me the correct dose.  However, if I add another (different) bodyweight to the same patient (i.e the next day) it doesn't recalulate the dose and uses the previous value.

     I think it must be something to do with the relationships I have set up but can't see what I have done wrong!  Any ideas?