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    New to FM Pro



      New to FM Pro



           I've just begun working in an office that utilizes FM Pro 12. I've had minimal amounts of experience w/ FM Pro over the years, and I've now been tasked w/ managing the infrastructure of it in this office. Our basic setup is that we have a local db and a remote db, which is accessed by other offices besides our own. Up until today, the office had been using the local db only. However, we have now been informed that the local db contains obsolete data, and the remote db will be what is used moving forward.

           I have three questions:

           1) Some information that was recently added to the local db needs to be input into remote db. The remote db is accessed by other offices besides our own, so it's not a mirror image of what we're seeing in our local db. We would like to import only the most recently entered records into the remote db. Is there a way to export just these few records from the local db, then import them into the remote db?

           2) Once the first task is accomplished, we would like to delete the local db. We have backed it up already, so the thinking is that might cause some confusion down the road as to where new records should be entered. What is the best way to go about deleting the db?

           3) The third question is much more esoteric in nature, as it relates directly to what we're doing in our office. We have records, which are entered in as numbers (record 100, record 101, record 102, etc.). Each record has three tables (which are actual dates) associated w/ it due to the fact that on each date, there was different data entered into the table. There are three other variables associated with each table (the type of data contained in the table, the language the data is in, and the location of the office where the data came from). In the past, prior to my arrival, they would create the tables locally, then transfer them to the remote db. In this case, when maneuvering from table to table, the variables chosen for each record would remain static. In other words, at the top of the record, next to the Home and Export to Excel buttons, the chosen variables would be listed: Date, type of information listed, language, and office location. However, once transferred to the remote db, when pulling up these tables, while the variables are still listed, the office location has changed to an office that has since closed down. We are trying to determine what might be causing this and/or if it has any negative effect on our data and how other offices are seeing our data.

           Any help w/ these issues would be greatly appreciated. I realize that this is quite convoluted, so if you require any further clarification, please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you!



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               When creating a database, you can include an auto-entered Creation Date field, Modified Date field, and Modified By field.

               These do not have to be displayed on any layout, and may never be used. But sometimes they are invaluable.

               I would suggest you copy each  database and do you testing on the copies.

               Creating a field in all for marking the record version to keep would be a first step.

               The first five links in my list of FMP links may be useful.