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New To FM PRO With Questions On Creating A Contacts Database

Question asked by AngeloParedes on Dec 21, 2010
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New To FM PRO With Questions On Creating A Contacts Database


Hello future people i'm going to be so thankful for,

We just started up a new gallery, and we're working on getting filemaker pro soon.  I'm using the trial version for the time being to get things set for when i get the full version.  someone emailed me their contacts list that's already in an fp7 format.  after getting them imported into FM, i came across some problems i desperately need to resolve. 

there are two major concerns i need to fix:

for one,  in the layout that was already used, (which i like) they made one field box that displays the city state and zipcode all in one box.  i need them all to be seperate.  luckily, i already have boxes for state and zipcode, but i don't have one for city.  ive tried countless ways of trying to get a new box to display the city in it, but every time i try to import the info to it, it says "this option could not be completed because the target is not part of a related table."  i just need to get three boxes for city, state, and zipcode!

second, is there a way to get an auto time stamp to let me know when a contact was updated?  i'm seeing time stamps that i have to manually adjust, but is there one that will automatically do it?

if anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.  i have over 4,000 contacts and i will go insane if i have to manually fix this problem one by one.